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Zhejiang sunrise fiber co., LTD. Was founded in 1990, is a collection research and development, production, sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises. Companies adhering to the \"everything for customers, for all customers\" business philosophy, to \"unyielding and do fine and stronger\" as the spirit of enterprise. Adhere to the \"mutual benefit, mutual trust, mutual benefit\" the management policy, efforts to build a harmonious, warm and vibrant dongsheng sun.

Sun fiber precursor is the production of plastic woven bag enterprise, adjust product innovation in 1994, production of polypropylene filament yarn, polypropylene add shells silk (DTY), Ryan sun fiber co., LTD., established in 1998. Sun fiber with many years experience in chemical fiber industry and profound professional technology, independent research and development and response to the national energy conservation and emissions reduction 2003 polypropylene filament, polyester FDY such as the introduction of Germany Japan and several foreign spinning technology, the original domestic manufacturer with the second step of spinning technology have played an important role in upgrading, make the company get great progress in the competition in the market.

Fiber to expand production, in 2007, the rising sun in longyou industrial park was formally established zhejiang sunrise fiber co., LTD. Covers an area of 26500 ㎡, the construction of the production workshop, science and technology building, office building, dormitory, etc. 15866 ㎡. After twice upgrading equipment, production capacity is improved, the quality of the product structure is to be improved. After years of technical research, we have the production of superfine fibre (50 d - 150 - d) and polyester FDY such DTY in application to large-scale knitting equipment, knitting products completely replace the imported products. In recent years, the company carries on the transformation and upgrading, the introduction of foreign high-speed spun into sets of production equipment. Under the efforts to research and development of science and technology personnel of the company, poly lactic acid (PLA) PHBV) biomass fiber products succeed in the field of apparel fabrics.

Sun fiber in the process of high-speed growth, set up a perfect service system, improve company in the position in fiber industry. Kind, open, rigorous corporate culture and scientific and standardized management, condensing a large number of outstanding talents, sun fiber has excellent management team and experienced technical team, their tacit understanding cooperation in product development and promotion, deep understanding of \"everything for customers, for all customers\", the meaning of the \"services\" throughout the company operation and management of every detail, to win customers a wide range of trust and support.

The sun fiber growth process, is to serve our customers and the process of success with the customer! We diligently, trying to do every thing, full of confidence to meet every challenge!


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