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Polypropylene superfine denier
Polypropylene ultra-fine denier is a process of dyeing raw yarns. Through a process of special formulation, the fiber's washing fastness and sunlight fastness are very good.
Polypropylene ultra-fine denier yarn specifications: 50D/15F——180D/160F FDY yarn, ultra-fine denier polypropylene filament, polypropylene ultra-fine denier FDY yarn, FDY ultra-fine denier yarn.
The specific advantages of polypropylene ultra-fine denier produced by our company are as follows:
1. The lightest fiber: the smallest density, 40% lighter than cotton, 30% lighter than polyester, and gentle lubrication;
2. Fibers that keep warmer than wool: the thermal conductivity is the lowest among the existing natural fibers and synthetic fibers, and the heat loss rate is low
3. Good color fastness: Dyeing with the original solution, the color fastness is unmatched by other fibers in subsequent dyeing and finishing;
Polypropylene ultra-fine denier is mainly used in sportswear, weaving, seamless underwear, sports socks, etc.
Polypropylene ultra-fine denier fiber that can breathe-water wicking and quick-drying, odor is not easy to remain
Polypropylene ultra-fine denier has the lowest moisture content in the fiber, and moisture cannot be absorbed in it. Therefore, when sweating, it will quickly transfer sweat from the skin surface to the outside air, avoiding sticky, clammy and other uncomfortable situations. The quick-drying effect is the best material for swimwear, ski wear, sports underwear and wetsuit. The fabric made of polypropylene ultra-fine denier does not absorb sweat, so there is no nutrient to provide bacteria to survive on the fabric, and it cannot destroy the fiber. When the clothes are washed, the odor generated by body fluids is not easy to remain.
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