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[Textile City is expected to ca]
Release date:[2021/9/27] Is reading[22]次
Recently, the reporter learned from the Textile City Co., Ltd., in order to innovate auction, enhance the bidding efficiency, and intend to implement the business housing for rent through "net shoot". At present, "Online Textile City" App is designed and developed "Business Renar" new module has been completed, and it is expected to carry out the Northalian market business room afterwards.
It is reported that most of the business houses participating in the "net shoot" are the remaining flow room after the rental of the Beilian market, a total of 158. The batch of business rooms began in 2019, leased in the year or two-year form, but the rent situation is not good, there is no part to rent.
At the same time, the Beilian market has 6 temporary rooms, all year-on-term rental, due to the large number of households, high rents, and not ideal. Therefore, the market intends to split this 6-degree rental room for rent. The total number of operating rooms was 171, and the new lease period was 4 years from January 26, 2026 to February 10, 2026.
The "Internet" implementation plan is an actual application of digital reform of Textile City Co., Ltd. "The" Then "Module development has been developed for more than two months," online Textile City 'App on the business room, the new module has online registration, intentional contestation, the auction margin payment online audit, bidding business house pictures, position Information show and online bidding and other functions. "The relevant personnel of the Textile City Co., Ltd. said the" net shoot "and traditional bidding is the limitations of traditional auctions, providing a bidder with convenience, expanding the aura. cover area.
The reporter learned that this Beilian market rental business room will be divided into three phases to make a bidding and help the market prosperity.
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