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[Polypropylene super fine donor]
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The finished product of polypropylene includes a polypropylene filament, polypropylene short fiber, and shaped fibers, composite fibers, and the like. Commonly used is a polypropylene filament, and then extends, there is a polypropylene, and a polypropylene, apropylene, and a polypropylene.
The polypropylene fine denieris a process of staining via the original wire, and the water washing fastness of the fibers is very excellent in the process of special formulations.
Delican filament specification: 50D / 15F - 180D / 160F FDY wire, ultra-fine donor filament, polypropylene super fine soul filament, FDY ultra-fine soul.
The specific advantages of the polypropylene fine denier by our company:
1, the lightest fiber: the smallest density, the weight is 40% lower than the cotton, 30% percent, soft and soft;
2, more warm than wool: The thermal conductivity is the lowest in the existing natural fiber and the synthetic fiber, the heat loss rate is low.
3, the color fastness is good: the stock dyeing, color fastness is the other fiber back dyeing unmatched;
Polypropylene fine denier is mainly used in sportswear, weaving, seamless underwear, sports socks, etc.
polypropylene fine denier breathing fiber - water supply dishonewick and dry, odor is not easy
Silk-ultra-fine soul is the lowest water content in fibers, and moisture cannot be absorbed inside. Therefore, when sweating will quickly transfer the sweat from the skin surface to the outside air, avoid uncomfortable cases such as adhesion, wet cold, reach The effect is the best material for swimsuit, ski, sports underwear and dive. The polypropylene ultra-fine draft woven fabric does not absorb sweat, so no nutrients can provide bacteria to survive on the fabric, and cannot destroy the fibers. When the clothing is cleaned, the odor produced by the body fluid is not easy.
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