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[China Textile Fair Falls Exhib]
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In the year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", China Textiles Autumn Exhibition will bring five major exhibitions to Shanghai - China International Textile Fabric (Autumn and Winter) Expo, China International Home Textile and Accessories (Autumn and Winter) Expo ) Expo, China International Apparel Fair (Autumn), China International Textile Yarn (Autumn and Winter) Exhibition, China International Knitting (Autumn and Winter) Expo will bring nearly 400,000 square meters in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), gather nearly 6,000 Exhibitor's lineup, showing wind.
At this fall, Qingdao Xinwei Textile Development Co., Ltd. consuls more comfortable and environmentally friendly fibrous materials - iterative polyester, with iterative polyester movie, anti-ball, super soft fabric, 3D moisture TM fabric and Easy Colors At the free deposition of five main fabrics, push the high quality of the products to the ultimate, providing high-end products for the next customer, blooming the beauty of fiber technology.
Wang Zhuyuan, general manager of Qingdao Xinwei Textile Development Co., Ltd., said that with the improvement of people's lives, people's requirements for green mountains are increasing. With the promise of the national "double carbon plan", as a textile worker in decades, Xin Weiwei textile is based on "low carbon beauty", plastic plastic polyester new style.
The so-called low-carbon, mainly through three ways, one is less pollution emissions, reducing emission reduction pressure; second, reducing energy consumption, reducing carbon emissions; three, can carry out carbon emissions. Iterative polyester is to achieve low carbon beauty through the first two ways.
First, iterative polyester emission reduction is to achieve low carbon through functional substance. What is functional nature? It is well known that ordinary polyester should achieve moisture absorption, a hydrophilic aid, quick-drying additive, etc .; to achieve anti-static electricity, anti-static agents must be added; anti-ball, need to add anti-ballogenic agent; to feel soft, Join the soft agent; to achieve deep dyeing, then add a deepens. It seems that the current organizational masters do not have, and a series of auxiliary methods can meet the various requirements of consumers. However, how many of these aids have been healthy and environmentally friendly? For example, the azo dye we used to be used for decades before they were demonstrated; the whitening agents used to use were now proven to be hurt for children; then the various function addresses used today have been healthy prove and Blood sewage permit? Even now, is it healthy? So, someone will ask: Why is it auxiliary agent? It's simple, just use iterative polyester, you can achieve moisture absorption and sweating (we call ten all-around) without adding auxiliary, and we can weaken the ball, low static electricity, soft, and low temperature These do not have to achieve functions through the auxiliary, we call it functional. That is, iterative polyester is essentially functional, reducing the use of the auxiliary, naturally decreased natural decrease, and achieves emission reduction; at the same time, health threats are also reduced.
Second, low carbon is achieved with energy saving. Compared with ordinary polyester, iterative polyester dyeing is 50%, in particular, ordinary polyester is dyed at 130 ° C, iterative polyester can be dyed at 100 ° C, 30 degrees of temperature drop, 50%; if it is mixed Fabric energy saving more! In fact, iterative polyester is produced from production to customer application, and also includes polymerization, textile, dyeing, finishing, etc. to be delivered to the consumer. The polymerization step can reduce 10 degrees, and the spinning step can be reduced by 20 degrees, and the dye is reduced by 30 degrees, and the finishing is reduced by 20 degrees. Finally, integrated energy saving, reducing emissions considerable. We have been pre-realized, and iterative polyester reached 20 million tons, which is equivalent to planting a tree plant.
Third, iterative polyester is based on its low carbon, simplifies production technology, improves product experience quality, and enriches consumer goods. For example, patented products - 3D moisture, the best interpretation of the moisture concept of sports fabric, improve the comfort experience of casual sports enthusiasts; invent patent free dyeing process, it provides a multi-color treatment product concept, shortening products Production cycle; there are the latest invention patents - iterative polyester tie dye technology, he will open a new product category, enriching people's material life fashion.
At the same time, iterates the essence of polyester low carbon, which has a convenience of blending with various natural fibers. Iterative polyester makes up for the shortcomings of natural fibers with their own advantages, and does not affect other natural fiber self-individual expression. Some people have done a blend of iterative polyester and hair. As a result, 70% of iterative polyester is added, and there is no much change the effect of Mao; it is also more like cotton; especially pure polyester imitation cotton, more cotton feel. Thus, iterative polyester has the title of natural fiber Volkswagen "couple".
The low-carbon beauty of iterative polyester is a complete Chinese element, China Core (China Technology), China's first Chinese fiber brand, whenever consumers use iteration of polyester, truly understand the nation, confident Feel because it is really good!
Wang Zhuyuan emphasized that the judgment of iterative polyester products must be in the absence of adding aids, although there are individual companies in the market always like to compare the iterative polyester finished products and reselling ordinary polyester finished products. For example, moisture absorption, ordinary polyester joining auxiliary can also have a certain function, but he can't achieve true sweat and persefficiency, they tend to succeed, the row is not good; the row is good, sucking can not be good. The iterative polyester fabric will not be like this, and it is not available to add auxiliary, and its products are naturally available. For example, low static electricity, individual companies also always like to get the fabric and iterative polyester fabric ratio of adding electrostatic aids, which is not a concept. There is also a resistance to the ball, the feel is soft, and so on. Overall, iterative polyester function is to be combined with a few functions, naturally. I hope that in future applications, the majority of consumers like to use them.
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