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Polypropylene fine denier has many advantages, and the monofilament filament (DPF) of polypropylene is less than 2 dtex, its performance has a quality leap, has a good feel, and the humidification property is greatly improved, especially the monofilament cleans less than 1dtex, the effect is more good. The modified polypropylene slice prepared by the addition of a small amount of additives, supplemented by high-speed spinning techniques (POY, FDY), 1DTEX, 1DTEX, etc., 1DTEX, etc., the 1DTEX, etc., has become - a new high-end Comfortable taking fiber.
The polypropylene fine denier  is super thin, which is soft, good to be strong, gentle, commonly used for making silk fabrics, flat fabrics, sewing thread, socks and filter materials, etc .; simultaneous anti-fungicides Folia voluminous performance can be used as a medical field. In addition, it can also be used in the highly added value of industrial and biological fields. The polypropylene ultra-fine souvenir technology is developed in the 1980s, the United States, Italy, etc., has developed special polypropylene resins.
Delicades, like,  like clothing, especially in functional clothing, such as moving clothes, warm underwear sportswear, etc., children's costumes can also be used.
1. The formulation or selection of process parameters of polypropylene ultra-fine donuts must be made according to the micro-fracture, the number of filament is small, the number of ribs is large, and the processing speed, all kinds of ultra-fed, stretching multiple and compression Air pressure, etc., is the key to production.
 2. The production of polypropylene fine denier , is suitable for use with a soft polyurethane friction plate, which uses a slower processing speed and a lower stretching multiple, controls the appropriate winding tension, improves the hardness of the spindle and the rewinding performance.
Polypropylene fine denier characteristics:
1, lighter fiber: small density, weight is 40% lower than cotton, 30% percent, soft and soft;
2, good color fastness: the stock dyeing, color fastness is no comparison of other fibers.
3, more warm than wool: Thermal conductivity is lower in the existing natural fibers and the synthetic fibers, and the heat loss rate is low.
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Rising Sunfiber is the production of plastic woven bags. In 1994, the products were adjusted to innovation, producing polypropylene filaments, polypropylene, and elastic (DTY), established Rui'an Jijing Fiber Co., Ltd. in 1998. Rising Sun Fiber With years of experience in chemical fiber industry and profound expertise, and responded to national energy conservation and emission reduction in 2003 independent research and development FDY polypropylene filament, introducing German Japan and other spinning technologies, the secondary domestic manufacturer adopted two Steps technology has played the role of replacement, making the company's progress in market competition.
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