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[2021 China Textile Green Devel]
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Establish and improve the development of green low-carbon recycling economy and promote comprehensive green economy and social development, to ensure the timely realization of "peak carbon, carbon neutral" goal is "Fourteen" period and in the future long-term focus. In the trend of global carbon emissions, "30 · 60 pairs of carbon" China is committed to a substantial contribution to the global response to the climate change process. Textile industry is the pillar industry of the national economy and social development, solving people's livelihood and basic industries beautify life, international cooperation and integration of the development of competitive industries, low-carbon development imperative has long way to go.
October 11, organized by the China Textile Industry Association, China Textile Industry Association Council for the Promotion of environmental protection and resource conservation, social responsibility office co-host of "convergence of the power industry, and promote carbon double action" --2021 China Textile Green Development Conference held in Shanghai.
Meeting invitations to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Consumer Division Heya Qiong, China Textile Industry Association party secretary and Secretary-General, Environmental and Resources Protection Committee of the main Rengao Yong Sun Huaibin, vice president of China Textile Industry Association, deputy director of Environmental and Resources Protection Committee, China Textile Yang Donghui, former vice president of the Federation of industry, the national development and reform Commission industry Secretary former inspector He Yanli, deputy Director of Consumer Products Division of the Ministry of information industry and vertical dragon, China textile industry Association industry main Ren Huashan, deputy director of the Ministry of industry and Cheng Hao, director of the office of Environmental and resources Protection Committee, Yan Yan, director of the office of Social responsibility of China textile industry Association, the Ministry of Consumer Research Institute CCID director Bo Yang, secretary general of China working Committee textile industry Association industrial clusters, circulation branch executive vice president Zhang Haiyan Vice president of China textile industry Association Zhengjie Wen, vice president of the China knitting industry Association, Zhang Xicheng, vice president of the China wool textile industry Association, Liu Dan and other leaders, as well as experts and scholars from across the country the textile industry, research institutes, textile enterprises, all sectors of media reporters and other representatives of more than 200 people gathered in Shanghai to discuss the textile industry green low-carbon development cycle paths, a total of words "fourteen five" high-quality vision. The conference was presided over by Sun Huaibin.
Sun Huaibin said that 2021 was "Fourteen five" first year, China's macro economy has entered a new stage of development, "based on a new stage of development, implementing new development concept, building a new development pattern" is the main tone of the new stage of development, high quality is the main theme of the development of a new stage of development, technological innovation and development of low-carbon green power initiative is a new stage of development. At the national peak of carbon, carbon-neutral goal-oriented, the textile industry will continue to "science and technology, fashion, green" for the development of positioning, build and improve the development of green low-carbon cycle system, and constantly brings together the power industry, actively promote the two-carbon action.
Heya Qiong statement in his speech, the convening of the General Assembly expressed warm congratulations, fully affirmed the textile industry as a positive initiative and play in promoting the construction of ecological civilization, the implementation of two-carbon objectives. He mentioned that in the domestic and international political and economic environment has undergone significant changes under the influence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and resource and environmental constraints such as pressure, how to promote China's textile industry chain to high-end forward, promote the implementation of "three" strategy to expand the supply of quality products textile, the textile industry to achieve high-quality development process to make efforts to solve the problem.
Heya Qiong high quality textile industry development put forward four demands, first, adhere to the innovation and development of the textile industry to be fully integrated with cutting-edge technology, the core technology, traditional culture, lifestyle and so on; the second is to enhance the level of modernization of the industrial chain, supply chain, in the new fiber materials research and development, high-end equipment manufacturing technology, intelligent management and other aspects of the whole process up short board, cultivate the core competitiveness of enterprises; third is to promote the development of green low-carbon cycle, to strengthen the whole industry chain clean transformation, promote in-depth product green design, energy resource conservation, recycling concept throughout the development of the textile product lifecycle process; Fourth hope China Textiles development Conference to make good use of green platform, unite all forces to promote green ideas, strengthen international cooperation, for the textile industry green Low-carbon cycle development to provide strong support and contribute to greater strength.
Gao Yong said in his speech, the construction of ecological civilization, the Chinese nation Millennium plan for sustainable development, China and strive to achieve by 2030 carbon peak, striving to achieve carbon neutrality and 2060 years ago, is to act on the responsibility of building community to promote human destiny major strategic decision. For the textile industry to promote the comprehensive green low-carbon transition and consolidate power in the construction of sustainable textile pointed out the direction. High-quality carbon peak is the current industry to implement the priorities double carbon target, optimize energy consumption structure is an important means to implement the two-carbon industry goals, promote industrial restructuring is a direct green power industry to implement the two-carbon action. When we hope to promote carbon double action at the industry level, and should uphold the scientific openness, more power to guide the broad participation from long-term consideration, systems analysis, step by step, to the letter.
How steadily for carbon double action, Gao Yong made a few comments. First, we must steadily implement the two-carbon target, in this process, to guard against "slogan carbon reduction", "the concept of carbon reduction," "aggressive carbon reduction" and so on; the second is set to double in the carbon target and avoid Easy to peak carbon, carbon and difficult situation, to fully consider the emissions based on the predicted time different nodes of carbon economic and social development, market demand, technological advancement, advance planning and the development of industry and carbon reduction programs; third is to strengthen carbon Research emissions accounting methods, should be fully studied carbon accounting methods at all levels of the industry, companies, projects, products, and strengthen carbon emissions data path reliability of obtaining quality research; Fourth, continue to focus on progress in implementation of domestic and international carbon trading carbon tax, in international cooperation and capacity textile and apparel import and export trade, do predict in advance, well prepared to respond to future carbon tax issues related to the industry may encounter.
Li Bo Yang as "carbon-carbon peak in green and low-carbon industrial development" theme of the report. He introduces carbon neutral global overview of advancing, under Chinese influence and double carbon target, the carbon peak background "Fourteen five" green industrial development policy. Promotion of industrial carbon-carbon peak and will bring great historical opportunity, Li Bo Yang believes that industry should strive to high-quality peak lay the groundwork for carbon neutral. First, we attach great importance to the strategic level, working out of the industry or business peak carbon, carbon-neutral timetable and roadmap; fully clarify the absolute carbon emissions relative responsibility and liability, industries and enterprises in the development layout to fully assess the geographical location of carbon double requirement; to speed up the establishment of the environmental impact of resource-based theory and method of LCA databases; establish green product design platform and green supply chain management system; strengthen technological innovation and green transformation, improve the utilization efficiency of energy resources.
Hua Shan on the "textile industry" Fourteen five "green development guidance" in-depth interpretation, "Opinions" in the textile consolidate power sustainable basis, accelerate the construction of green low-carbon industrial system development cycle, made four development goals , five key tasks, and promote the development of energy-saving and carbon reduction, clean production levels increase, enhance water efficiency, pollution prevention, resource utilization, building green manufacturing system, promote ecological civilization to lead the seven key projects.
Cheng Hao briefed the textile industry to promote carbon-carbon peak in the framework of programs and actions. Framework Program and by the status quo situation, development objectives, key tasks, carbon peak four aspects constitute the implementation path. It establishes a framework to promote carbon peak of carbon in the textile industry and the whole industry chain, the dominant direction of green development, to speed up the establishment and improvement of low-carbon standards and evaluation system, strengthen energy-saving low-carbon technology innovation, promote green industry upgrading, promote low-carbon public service platform, followed by the national carbon peak timetable to ensure high-quality peak by 2030.
Yan Yan in China's textile and garment industry "double carbon" theme Pioneer practice report, the sustainable development of the industry of public governance, innovation and action to address climate change, fashion Climate Action Summit, China Sustainable Fashion Week, Chinese textile and apparel industry life cycle assessment working group, China brand climate and accelerate innovation in carbon plan (30▪60 plan) and so made a comprehensive introduction.
In China Textile Industry Association Secretary-General, party secretary Gao Yong, vice president of Sun Huaibin other leaders witness, Cheng Hao of China Textile Industry Association, director of the Office of Environmental and Resources Protection Committee, vice president of China Textile Industry Association Zhengjie Wen, the World Wide Fund for Nature regional Director Shanghai Ren Wenwei, general manager of Guangdong forward denim cloth Limited COMMUNCATION, general manager of Henan large Hengyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Jin Zaiheng, Changzhou Hongda electric Co., chairman Gu Ren, Germany, Italy Jia Machinery Co., Ltd., Jiangsu, deputy general manager Yang Jun good , on behalf of Shanghai-Nanjing environmental planning and design Co., Ltd. chairman Yang Bo, general manager of Ningbo Dafa chemical fiber Co., Ltd. Qian Army and other industry associations, textile enterprises, co-sponsored green low-carbon development of the textile industry initiatives.
Zhengjie Wen said in his speech, China spinning and weaving production capacity ranking in the world, high-end products, gauze global market share continues to expand, equipment and product quality is rising as the world's textile industry chain, the supply chain can not or missing an important part. Standing at a new starting point, China Cotton Textile Industry Association will make concerted efforts with the cotton spinning enterprises, responsibility, and actively practice the concept of green development, make a positive contribution to the textile industry to achieve "double carbon" goal.
11 afternoon, delegates in-depth exchanges around the textile industry carbon double action. China Textiles Industry Ministry deputy director, Cheng Hao, director of the Office of Environmental and Resources Protection Committee, China Textiles Environmental and Resources Committee project leader Zhang Zhongjuan green standards, resources comprehensive utilization project leader Wang Lin, Siemens IVAN Management Consulting business partner Zhang Zheng, Shanghai Chini environmental planning and design Co., Ltd. chairman Yang Bo, general manager of Guangdong forward denim cloth limited COMMUNCATION, director of the Ministry of environment and electronics five green development center Jiang Tao, GEOX brand communications director, Asia Pacific Shao Huixian, Henan Hengyuan limited in biotechnology Jinzai Heng, general manager of the company, Changzhou City, a large electric Co. chairman Gu Ren, German, Italian Deputy General Manager Yang Jia Machinery Co., Ltd., Jiangsu good Jun, general manager of the Beijing Branch Co., Ltd. Japan comprehensive (Shanghai) information system Wang Ting, 12 guests, from the industry, business, technology and equipment, solutions and other aspects were done a wonderful keynote address.
China International Trade Promotion Council of Textile Industry Branch, China Textile Economy Research Center, the World Wide Fund for Nature (Switzerland) Beijing Representative Office as the General Assembly to support the unit, Guangdong forward denim Co., Ltd., Henan Hengyuan Technology Co., Ltd., Changzhou City, a large electric Co., Germany, Italy Jia Machinery Co., Ltd., Jiangsu, Shanghai environmental planning Qingning design Co., Ltd. as co-organizer, has given strong support.
Over the same period, by the China Textiles Environmental and Resources Protection Committee, green textile industry, fashion creation, co-sponsored 2021 Green Challenge Sustainable Fashion Awards at the Shanghai World Financial Center "cloud" staged.
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