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Micro-channel sweep the
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Silk, super fine donor, has a soft, bonded, gentle, commonly used to make silk fabrics, flat fabric fine-denin sewing thread, socks and filter materials, etc .; at the same time Performance can be used as a medical field. In addition, it can also be used in the highly added value of industrial and biological fields. Silk technology is developed in the 1980s.
Macropropyleal ultra-fine soul is more applicable, and the costumes can be used, especially for functional clothing, such as speed dry clothes, etc., children's costumes can also be used, and the use is wide.
1. The formulation or selection of polypropylene ultra-fine donor production process parameters must be based on the micro-thin fiber single slender, the number of roots, and the specific surface area is large, and the processing speed, all kinds of ultra-fed, tensile factor and compression Air pressure, etc. is the key to production.
 2. The production of polypropylene ultra-fine donor is suitable for use with a soft polyurethane friction plate, which uses a slower processing speed and a lower stretch multiple, controls the appropriate winding tension, improve the hardness of the spindle and the rewinding performance.
3. The polypropylene ultra-fine donor production, and the technology is feasible. The market prospect of the product is broad.

Silkite specification: 50D / 15F - 180D / 160F FDY wire, ultra-fine donor filament, polypropylene super fine soul filament, FDY ultra-fine soul.
The specific advantages of the polypropylene ultra-fine donor produced by our company:
1, the lightest fiber: the minimum density, the weight is 40% lower than the cotton, 30% percent, soft and soft;
2, more warm than wool: thermal conductivity is the lowest in existing natural fibers and synthetic fibers, low heat loss rate
3, color fastness: the stock dyeing, color fastness is the other fiber back dyeing and unmatched;
Macrid super fine donor is mainly used in sportswear, weaving, seamless underwear, sports socks, etc.
Fiber with polypropylene super fine donation breathing - water supply and sweating, dry, odor is not easy

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