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[Keqiao District, Shaoxing, Asi]
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There is a well-known Asian largest textile city "gold medal" in Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. On October 26, a soilous soil-winning, who came out from the 10th Keqiao fashion Zhou Xinpu, said: "I am getting more and more don't know the current Ke Bridge, the more I have a metropolis fan. Child, atmosphere, fashion. "
At this time, the 4th World Put Merchant Conference was held in Keqiao. In the next four days, there were nearly 20 consecutive issues related to textile fabrics, fashion design, and raw material innovation. Warm and beautiful global residents in the fabric, Keqiao chemical fiber textile industry.
In 2020, the chemical fiber production in this area was 25.173 million tons, an increase of 20.2% year-on-year; the printing dye was 19.148 billion meters, an increase of 4.3% year-on-year, which was equivalent to 2.53 meter fabrics for per capita. However, behind this bright industry, the village is a household, village village has a dyeing square, and it has also brought a severe test to the local ecological environment.
In the "Century Examination" of energy conservation and emission reduction and carbon decision, carbon neutralization, Century Examination in Kucheng District, has implemented a "integrated collection, one group of integrated gatherings, and reorganized a batch of" consolidation, and reorganized a batch of "consolidation gathering. "The development strategy, the integration of 212 printing and dyeing enterprises in all districts into 108, and collectively relocated to the core block of Binhai Industrial Park - Blueprint Fashion Town, with green high-end, world-oriented, comprehensive promotion of printing and dyeing industries Transformation.
After the promotion increase, the all-district printing and dyeing enterprises achieved 5205 mu of saving land, saving 78.37 million tons per year, and the all-in-printing industry acre taxes were increased by 75,000 yuan / mu before the concentration of 287,700 yuan / mu. At the same time, around Asia's largest textile city "market + base" aggregation advantages and large textile inheritance advantages, introducing a batch of green fibers, functional fiber companies such as NME, and introducing Japanese eternal, Hengtian Lixin, Netherlands A group of high-end textile printing and dyeing machinery equipment manufacturing enterprises, etc., preliminary formation of textile new materials, high-end weaving, textile printing and dyeing intelligent machinery equipment manufacturing, artificial intelligence, energy-saving and environmental protection and other emerging industries synchronous development pattern.
In Keqiao 2021 World Burner Internet Solid Development Forum, there are industrial representatives of China, France, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Italy, etc. , International cooperation and other themes have rumored the pulse, jointly depicting the future of global textile industry integration development.
Keqiao became a sample of Zhejiang promoted the digital transformation and intelligent remodeling of textile industry. Zhu Congyi, deputy governor of Zhejiang Provincial Government, said that in 2020, the provincial-wide textile and apparel enterprises realize the total industrial output value of 928.4 billion, ranking first in the country; realizing the export of 49.12 billion yuan in textile clothing, ranking first in the country. The province has three more than 50 billion industrial clusters such as chemical fiber, Keqiao textile and Tongxiang nylon filaments, and 12 national textile and clothing creative design pilot parks.
According to Zhu Congyu, During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Zhejiang will vigorously develop foreign trade new formats, new models, with digital reform and "double carbon" strategy into traction, and focus on promoting big data, the depth of manual intelligence and the textile industry, to high end Development, green, international development, building a world-class modern textile advanced manufacturing cluster.
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