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Recently, 24 employees of Dezhou Hengfeng Group, including Teng Delong and Guo Xiaoyun, have obtained the two certificates of assistant engineer title qualification certificate and senior worker skill level certificate. It is reported that this is the first batch of employees in Dezhou City to obtain the "double certificate" in the first review.
   "Not only did the salary increase by a few hundred dollars, but it also received greater recognition. We are also considered as a compound talent." Teng Delong, a craftsman in the spinning workshop said excitedly. The 28-year-old entered the company six years ago after graduating from a vocational college. He started from the front line and became a grassroots supervisor with the wrong major.
   33-year-old Guo Xiaoyun entered the front spinning workshop of Hengfeng Group as a turnbuckle worker in 2009, and then participated in the adult education of Dezhou College. In the practice of the "One Evaluation and Two Certificates" skill level appraisal held by the group on September 30, according to national standards, 4 post-machine joint tests must be completed within 40 seconds. She only completed them in 21 seconds and 55. It was identified as an excellent class, thus obtaining a "double certificate". The reporter noticed that a total of 34 employees of the group signed up to participate in the "One Evaluation and Two Certificates", of which 10 employees failed due to practical operations and only obtained the title certificate.
Li Xiaojian, deputy director of the corporate culture center of Hengfeng Group in charge of personnel work, told reporters that due to the lack of an independent evaluation mechanism for corporate talents, very few of the group’s tens of thousands of front-line employees can obtain a skill level certificate. , Papers and many other restrictions, not to mention being able to participate in the evaluation of professional titles.
Last month, more than 80 people in the group passed the professional title qualification and skill level assessment organized by Lingcheng District and the enterprise at one time. Among them, 24 people passed the "one evaluation and double certification" through registration, application, and practical testing procedures. , That is, two certificates are obtained at the same time, and both certificates can be registered and inquired on relevant national and provincial platforms.
This is due to the support of a number of talent policies in the provinces and cities. In November 2020, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security issued the "Implementation Opinions on the Development of Highly Skilled Talents in the Engineering and Technology Fields and the Career Development of Engineering and Technical Talents". Skilled talents with engineering skills or above can participate in the evaluation of corresponding engineering titles as required; conversely, professionals with titles of assistant engineer or above can also participate in the corresponding vocational skills evaluation. With the approval of the provinces and cities this year, Dezhou Hengfeng Group has obtained the qualifications for independent evaluation of intermediate and junior professional and technical talents and the qualifications for independent evaluation of enterprise technical talents, and the company has obtained more employment evaluation rights. The reporter learned that Wang Xiaofei and Li Qiang, outstanding representatives of the front-line workers of Hengfeng Group, have declared the titles of senior and deputy senior engineers separately according to relevant documents.
Luan Jingfei, director of the Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau of Lingcheng District, said that the technology, skills, theory, and management of employees are crucial to the development of the company. Breaking the boundaries of skill evaluation and job title evaluation, turning the single-plank bridge for talent development into an overpass will cultivate and retain more complexes for the company. Type talents to promote the innovation and development of enterprises. The reporter learned from the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Dezhou City that there are currently 10 companies in Dezhou City that carry out the "One Evaluation and Two Certificates" pilot program. The review no longer regards academic qualifications and thesis as restrictive conditions, but delegates power to enterprises and pays more attention to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Ability and contribution to apply, implement operating procedures, solve production problems, and participate in new technological reforms.
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