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The advantages of polypropylene fine denier!

Polypropylene fine denier has many advantages. When the single filament fineness (dpf) of polypropylene is less than 2dtex, its performance has undergone a qualitative leap. It has a good hand feeling and greatly improved moisture conductivity, especially when the single filament fineness is less than 1dtex, the effect is even better. good. Modified polypropylene fiber slices made by adding a small amount of additives, supplemented by high-speed spinning technology (POY, FDY) texturing, stretching and blending and other new technologies made of fine denier polypropylene fiber of about 1dtex has become a new type of high-end The comfort of taking fiber.
Polypropylene fine denier has soft texture, good cohesion, and soft luster. It is commonly used to make silk fabrics, velveteen fine-denier sewing threads, hosiery and filter materials. At the same time, polypropylene ultra-fine denier has excellent anti-bacterial properties. Bacterial isolation performance, can be used in the medical field. In addition, it can also be used in industries and biological fields with high added value. The ultra-fine denier polypropylene technology was developed in the 1980s, and the United States and Italy successively developed special polypropylene resins.
Polypropylene fine denier is used in many applications, and it can be used in clothing, especially in functional clothing, such as quick-drying clothes, thermal underwear, sportswear, etc. It can also be used in children's clothing and has a wide range of uses. The journey is wide.

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