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[What are the application areas]
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The polypropylene FDY yarn uses spinning to draw further synthetic fiber filaments. The fibers have been fully stretched and can be used directly for textile machining.
The polypropylene FDY yarn fabric is smooth and soft, often used to woven simulation filament fabrics. There is a wide range of applications in clothing and home textiles. The application area of ​​the polypropylene FDY is still to be strengthened.
Polypropylene FDY yarn Excellent Point: The polypropylene FDY wire has a small specific gravity, strong coverage, anti-insect, easy to clean, light texture, good wear resistance, high strength, excellent elasticity, acid resistance, alkali, polypropylene FDY In areas such as ribbons, seat cushions, ropes, nets, building enhancements.

What are the performance advantages of polypropylene FDY yarn
1, lighter fiber: small density, weight is 40% lower than cotton, 30% percent, soft and soft;
2, polypropylene FDY yarn  is more warm than wool: thermal conductivity is lower in existing natural fibers and synthetic fibers, low heat loss rate
3, polypropylene FDY silk fastness is good: the stock dyeing, color fastness is the flexibility of other fibers;
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